Updated: July 1, 2018
" A sad thing it is to not have friends, but even sadder must it be not having any enemies;  that a man should have no enemies is a sign that he has no talent to outshine others, nor character that inspires, nor valor that is feared, nor honor to be rumored, nor goods to be coveted, nor anything to be envied.
Jose Marti, quoting Father Calenchafro the first part of the 17th century

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UPDATE:  July 1, 2018
As you will see by comparing my comments below to those that follow. . . . I have changed somewhat in my thoughts.
I still believe in DNA genotyping and parentage confirmation. . . . . . as a preservation requirement to establish founding animals and their offspring for the intregrity of the breed.  Since I began the genotyping of the Dexter breed in 2004, it has become routine in the breed.  In 2009 the American Dexter Cattle Association required all bulls to be genotyped for registratin, and in 2016 required all animals being registered to be genotyped.  ( The puzzling thing to me is that they do not require parentage confirmation for registration, nor to they record those that do not qualify for parentage, nor require resolution - so I'm perplexed to note any great benefit).
Since the implementation of mandatory testing, I have watched breeders drop from the registry rolls.  The number of Dexter cattle not being registered may be as high or higher than those being registered.  It is a sad day indeed to see such a wonderful little heritage breed so decimated by a lack of leadership and it is even more important to continue urging owners of rare bloodlines to participate in the preservation effort.  Legacy keeps costs as low as possible to encourage breeders to maintain their bloodlines, including offering a non-genotype registry where tail hairs are required to be archived for use in parentage confirmation and registration as needed or required.  If the effect of DNA genotyping is decimating the numbers of animals in the breed and eliminating diverse bloodlines. .. . can that be a positive thing?
For a number of years this space has been devoted to encouraging Dexter breeders to join the Legacy effort to DNA type not only the oldest living Dexters but ALL Dexters and maintain those samples in a single location - established in 2004 at the University of California-Veterinary Genetics laboratory.   So many have joined that effort voluntarily.   This is a good thing for Dexters into the future.   My herd was the first herd added to the Dexter database and through that effort and the Legacy program DNA testing became a standard in the Dexter breed. 

Do you . . . . . GOT PURPLE?  My herd is all purple now.  Lots of purple Dexters.   Purple is good for Dexters and good for their breeders.   When your new customer asks, " Where's the PURPLE?", make sure your Dexter has color!   Visit the Legacy genotype registry and see all the PURPLE ! !   LegacyDexterCattleRegistry.com

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In this block - there used to reside the logo of ADCA.   I have removed the logo and dropped my membership in ADCA after more than 20 years of support as a Dexter owner.
It is my opinion  - ADCA - has been the most detrimental factor in the demise of the foundation Dexter bloodlines imported to America in the early 1900's.  ADCA imported upgraded bulls in a country where breeders are not permitted to upgrade on their own farms, traditional breeders were than forced to compete with imported animals with introgressed breeds they could not develop on their farms.  ADCA deceived members about the upgrading in the earliest imported bulls, Lucifer of Knotting, and Saltaire Platinum, ( a grade bull).  When advised early bloodlines were being decimated, ADCA not only ignored the information, ADCA attempted to destroy the reputation of the messenger through encouraging or participating in negative social media, filing ethics charges, and refusing to consider or support preservation efforts.   As of this update, July 1, 2018,  ADCA. . . . . . has . . .. .  NEVER. .......in ANY publication. .......printed the word, PRESERVATION.    ADCA serves to promote ADCA, refuses to acknowledge Legacy, which established the most stringent registration requirements in the American herd, (now adopted by ADCA a dozen years later), along with other Legacy innovations, and fears the competition and professionalism of Legacy.

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