Jams Hundred Bulls


Here are some of the Dexters ranging the pastures at Jams Hundred ( click on photos to enlarge) These are current photos of 2018

Jams Castle Christmas 12-25-07 LEG134

Legacy Jams Tuatha Jitsie
Jams Ballysibby 1-31-2008 LEG311
Dexters PAST. Below are photos that were posted over time.
Killarney & Meg say " Howdy"

Two girls very dear to my heart.  One beginning her journey, the other getting a bit long in the tooth.  Killarney of Dog Run is one of my favorite Dexters, although this is a dreadful picture of her.  ( See a better one below).    Her body type gives the appearance of a carrier cow, yet bred to a short leg bull year after year, she has never delivered a bulldog calf.  To my chagrin, she seems rather partial to bull calves. 

She is one of only a few cows on my farm whose confirmation is quite similar to photos of show Dexters at the turn of the century in both England and the US,  and the phenotype of choice for me in the Dexter breed.  

This cow has all the characteristics we use to describe and praise the Dexter breed.   She is intelligent and serene with the most wonderful personality.  She has maintained her condition through severe drought and pitiful pastures.  She is a dedicated mother, and an easy keeper.  The IDEAL Dexter cow.   

Updated 2018 -   Killarney has passed.  Her rider is now a college student with dreams of being a veterinarian.  

Tralee Fern
Look at these cuties ! !