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Past -  Page 1

1890 Copy of article on Kerry Dexter Cattle

Pictures Parndon Daffodil and son Bullfinch

Early Brochure American Kerry and Dexter Club

DCS (UK) Bulletin Article 1970

Past - Page 2

Article:  ADCA 1973 Newsletter

Early ADCA brochure

Past - Page 3

Early stereoview of Dexter cow at Mineola L.I. Fair in 1923

Articles from New York Times mentioning Dexter cattle

Champion Dexter Cattle 1908

Many photos of early Dexter cattle

Past -  Page 4

Photos of Early Dexters

Past - Page 5
Edward Article and Photo
Clovebrook Herd Photos
Cloverleaf Herd Photos
Past - Page 6
1978 Bulletin article
Otto Jensen Letter