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For an interesting perspective. .  follow this link to Gerald Fry's website, Bovine Engineering, and read this copied article: http://bovineengineering.com/mark_of_beast_1.html.

LUCIFER of Knotting.        the article on this page was written years ago.   Since that time horned dexters have come........but mostly they have gone.   The horned cattle in America are  all becoming endangered.  There IS an issue of bull tempermeet in this bloodline,   not all.....but enough that new persons should be informed shound they choose to keep an intact male.   In the past few years, more reports on social media of pushy and aggressive females from this line have been noted.   From Lucifer many breeders get the red color in their herds and dairy characteristics.  The upgrading in this pedigree dates to the 1960s and many of the horned offspring are very similar in phenotype to traditional Dexters.  Because of the crisis in the horned lines Legacy urges awareness and preservation in these modern imported horned lines with awareness of possible aggression being present.   The sire of Lucifer of Knotting is reported as being agressive as well.

What is a mongrel or a mongrel "mutt".     What is a  *grade* animal in cattle?
In dogs a mongrel mutt is an animal of mixed ancestry.  An outcrossing of two or more breeds. 
In cattle, a mongrel is the same, referred to as a *grade* animal.

In the US Dexter herd, in the past twenty years, there have been bulls imported that have INTROGRESSED genetics that are RECORDED  in the herd books of their country of origin.   See the UK research pages on this website for documentation.  Two of these bulls Saltaire Platinum, an UNPROVEN supposed rare polled mutation, and Lucifer of Knotting, are having a tremendous effect on the US Dexter herd.   The percentages of Lucifer of Knotting in our pedigrees is both daunting and frightening in influence on our genetics, ( likely nearing 40% of living animals or more at this time).   Saltaire Platinum's first calf was registered in 1994, and if you do a search on his descendents the numbers should frighten you as well as this bull is MUTATING horned genetics.   You may read my opinion on these circumstances below. . . . or you can skip the editorial and go to the UK research pages for the DOCUMENTATION of the upgraded/introgressed  " other-than-Dexter" genetics in these bulls.  Whatever your choice on these pages, please choose to be informed.

It is so very important that breeders are aware of these genetics so as to make INFORMED breed decisions.  Your breeding choices CHANGE this breed for ALL TIME.  Especially critical is the current overuse of POLLED genetics in this MINOR, RARE, breed of HORNED cattle.


Homozagous polled bulls will ONLY produce polled offspring.     ASK YOURSELF. .. . . do YOU wish to be party to the extinction of a rare, heritage, minor, horned breed of Irish cattle?  There are other polled breeds available.  Consider NOT being party to the mutation of a wonderful rare breed!


Lucifer of Knotting/ Jersey& Angus genetics

              Important AI bulls with:

              "Other-than-Dexter" genetics
Saltaire Platinum " Angus and unknown recorded "other-than-Dexter" genetics


      Saltaire Platinum and Lucifer of Knotting comments:

Saltaire Platinum is a POLLED bull, imported from England into a once RARE, ( still genetically rare in foundation animals), minor breed of HORNED cattle.

The odds of a polled mutation in a large breed of considerable population is most optimistically 1 in 20,000, more realistically, 1 in 100,000.  What do you think the odds are in a small numbered rare breed?
Dare we guess?

It is beyond my understanding why this bull was EVER permitted into the American herd-book.  Where on earth were the caretakers of this breed, and why didn't they take every means available, at whatever cost, to stop this importation?  Our horned bloodlines are being ravaged by an animal of controversial and "other-than-Dexter" genetics.   ( See the Saltaire Platinum pedigree page under the UK research section). 

Saltaire Platinum is NOT a pure Dexter.  There is NO disputing this statement.  His entire pedigree can be found in the research pages.   There are appendix animals in this pedigree, ( upgrades/out crosses), there is an animal the English members have no doubt was only 50% Dexter,  and there is one cow,  Homer Rixey Piella 8611, whose birth was originally recorded in the "A" appendix registry showing her as having a Crossbred sire within the four generation pedigree  that I've been told is known to have been part Angus.    ( Recently Carol Davidson, importer of Saltaire Platinum semen has confirmed this to be true in a Dexter cattle discussion group on Yahoo groups - Dextercattle2).  Why then,  are so many American breeders using this bull in the most UNIQUE herd of Dexters in the WORLD ?   Because  they have not and were not told the truth of this bull's genetics, and those who are told the truth,  do not want to hear it  ! !   Go figure.   We have the most unique herd of Dexters in the WORLD, and breeders are erasing that distinction on a daily basis through ignorance, greed, carelessness, or simply not giving a damn!    Once the purity in the American herd has been wiped out, we cannot get it back.   

The grandmother of Saltaire Platinum is Godstone Esmaralda, a polled cow from horned parents, which means she HAS to be a mutation. . . . or a product of an out cross with a polled bull.  Since the owner NEVER had her parentage confirmed, ( parentage testing in cows began in the mid-fifties, so it was a developed and confirmed science and certainly available),  how can one simply accept on "good faith" an animal that could be a disaster in a horned breed so small in numbers?  The supposed "science" that supposedly confirmed the high probability of mutation has recently been debunked as well.  See the Saltaire Platinum page included in the UK research section. 

WHY are breeders accepting and pretending this bull is pure?  WHY are breeders willing to put a unique, rare, special, horned breed at risk, to either eliminate the job of de-horning, or for profit? 

How many POLLED breeders were aware this bull had introgressed genetics when they began to use him for breeding?  Should they have been informed?   Would it have made a difference? 

Saltaire Platinum's first progeny was registered in 1994.  The 1994 Herd Book does NOT list the individual registrations for that year, so it is difficult to determine the beginning or ending numbers for 1994, but 7200, Talisman Gabriella, a LEGACY Dexter was born in the spring of 1995.  We will use that number for the sake of discussion.   The ADCA has not yet registered it's 19,000th animal, so in the intervening 13 years, the Dexter population, based on ADCA registrations has increased by less than 12,000 animals.

Saltaire Platinum has 59 progeny and those 59 progeny have 498 additional progeny.  There are over 550 "children and immediate grandchildren" of Saltaire Platinum in the ADCA registry.  That nears 5% of all registered Dexters.  That IS a number for concern.  That is a HUGE percentage for such a short period of time.   The PDCA has animals dual registered with ADCA and to compile an accurate picture and comparison of just Platinum descendents registered only in PDCA would take many hours of research.   However, since 2004 when PDCA was established, there have been 255 POLLED animals registered, and only 1398 HORNED.   Some of those HORNED animals are likely descendents of Saltaire Platinum that did not express the polled genetics.   That percentage is troubling as well for a unique and rare HORNED breed so small in number.  One can realistically assume there are less than 10,000 living Dexters.  Probably far less considering age, culling, butchering of bulls,  and physical causes.


Is there yet another reason why you should be concerned?   Yes indeedy ! !    Go to the website of each Association.  Make a list of every member of leadership, officers, directors, managers.
Then go to the pedigree sites and do a search of their herds for bulls only.  See how many of them have polled bulls in their breeding programs.  YIKES ! !    The solution is the PROBLEM.

Who is going to fight for the best interests of the HORNED Dexter breed?   * I *  will.   Won't you please join me?  I desperately need your help.

Why  aren't  these polled animals being kept in a separate registry or separate category with a separate numbering system so that an overview of the impact on the breed is readily available?  Why wouldn't polled breeders wish to keep seperate and accurate records of their breeding? 

Concerned breeders of HORNED Dexters you need to raise your voices and take a stand on this issue. . . . NOW ! ! !


Lucifer of Knotting. . . . . .

Lucifer of Knotting is . . . . NOT. . . . a pure Dexter bull.  Lucifer of Knotting has genetics from the English "upgrade" registry.  His pedigree with those grade animals highlighted can be found on the Lucifer of Knotting page in the UK research section on this site.

Look at the photo above.  Compare it to the photos of early Dexters on the historical pages. 

Lucifer of Knotting was a bull with a problematic temperament.  An American breeder/importer with personal knowledge of this bull has confirmed this, as well as problematic temperament in his SIRE.   Lucifer of Knotting has sired a number of bulls in the US herd that have been destroyed because of problemmatic temperament, a number of them discussed with me personally by their owners.  One of the first used extensively in the American herd fits the description of problematic, but was NOT butchered.   Ask around.  Make telephone calls.  Be informed.  This information is widely available.  

Dexter breeders advertise their bulls as being docile and sweet of temper.   How long before somone is injured by a bull with "docile" genetics?  I am told that in some animals the problem is apparent at an early age, and that in others, there comes a time when they simply "flip out".

Lucifer of Knotting is now in likely 40% of the pedigrees of living Dexters in the American herd.   My goodness!   A more accurate statistical appraisal would take hours and hours of research because of two seperate registries and duplication of descendents and no accurate record of living animals.  It is frightening to consider the percentage might be higher than assumed