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Modern "upgrading"

Godstone Esmeralda

Herd Names


La Mancha.  Limbury.  Parndon.   Knotting.   Lowther.  Pentre Hobyn.  Gort.  Grinstead.   Elysian.   Runnymede.   Cobthorn.   Woodmagic

Wonderful herd names in early English and Irish herdbook records!  

Peerless.   Castlegould.   Hempstead House.   Clove Brook.   Elmendorf.  Bedford.   Tak-Sca-Du-Hav

Early herd names in America.

It is a rare day indeed that I am NOT researching through early herdbooks gathering information, data, pedigrees.
Any of those herd names immediately brings to mind a vision of Dexters and their early owners.   Some cows I can visulize by those herd names.  

YOUR herd name IS important!    Why on earth are our associations encouraging folks to use INITIALS that have absolutely NO unique identfying quality?      Give me the initials of any herd in the US and I will struggle to think where it is, who breeds with that identifier and the type of Dexter.   Initials are simply impersonal.   If you want to personalize your breeding program USE A UNIQUE HERD IDENTIFIER!   Do NOTpermit the associations to dissuade from this important identity. Believe me. . . they have MORE than 21 spaces and you find many animals with names that exceed that requirement.   Your herd name is FAR MORE important than the name you give a cow that will live, if extremely fortunate, 20 years.  Your herd name will last FOREVER in the history of Dexters.  Choose wisely.   ( I did not ).