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                                                        ADCA TALISMAN AWARD

This award was dreamed up after the politcal fracture in 2004.  In the beginning it was supposed to be awarded to a regular member who had worked diligently for the breed according to early members of the committee.   I was told that Mrs. Hays ( co-owner of the Talisman herd with husband John Hays) had specifically requested it not be given to members of leadership. . . that she wanted owners in the breed to be recognized.

Mrs. Hayes wishes didn't carry much weight or have much influence on ADCA leadership.  In recent years only members of leadership have been given this award.  

This year I nominated Mark and Marge Davis for the Talisman award.  As it happens, John and Belle Hayes came into the Dexter breed about the time Mark Davis was serving as President.

Over the years Mark Davis served in many capacities within ADCA.  His service, along with his wife Marge, was so valued by ADCA they were awarded a lifetime membership.  He not only served in leadership positions but was responsible for leading ADCA to a non-profit corporation status and was the corporate representative in Delaware until 2004.

In 1964 Mark and Marge purchased their first Dexter, and in 1965 the first calf from their breeding was born on their farm.  FIFTY YEARS AS BREEDERS in 1915.  What a stellar accomplishment.

At this time, Mark and Marge are both enjoying their 80's.   Mr. Davis celebrated in 87th birthday this year.   And they still have Dexters on their farm!

The Davis' herd was first established with three cows from a herd in Texas, at a time when they were living in Colorado.  They purchased their first bull from Daisy Moore of the Peerless herd,  and later added an additional cow.  In the early 1970's they added another bull from the Brady's Run herd and that formed the basis of the Davis herd.  After the addition of this second bull the herd was closed and was line bred to the present.

This action was singularly responsible for protecting and preserving the earliest bloodlines in the Dexter breed.  The Colorado herd animals have the purest and rarest bloodlines in the WORLD!  

Mr. and Mrs. Davis have been in the breed for FIFTY YEARS.   Wouldn't you imagine that accomplishment would merit the Talisman award for which they were nominated?

No.     Yet again this year ADCA decided to bestow this award on yet another member of their oligarchy leadership.