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The copy of an early stereoview to the left was sent to me from the collection of Gary Hammond, the historian at what was once the Howard Gould estate in New York, owner of the Castlegould herd.  When the estate was sold to Daniel Guggenheim, the estate was renamed Hempstead House, and the Dexter herd became the Hempstead House herd. 

This picture is captioned, " Dexter Cow, Nassau Co. Fair, Mineola, New York 1923".   Isn't she just a stunning creature!

The first American registered Dexter was # 1, Tom Thumb who lived at Castlegould.  The last registered Castlegould cow was #207,  Castlegould Mollie, born 5/26/1916.  The first registered Dexter cow under the herd name Hempstead House was # 211, Victress of Hempstead House, date of birth 8/13/1916.

From the pages of the New York Times:


Howard Gould, Payne Whitney, and Clarence Mackay Exhibit Winners.

MINEOLA, L.I., Sept. 21.--  The inclement weather today kept down the attendance at the fair, but there was considerable interest in the cattle and poultry display.  Howard Gould made a clean sweep in the clases for Dexter cattle.  Clarence H. Mackay secured the blue ribbon for the best Guernsey herd, and with Rutherferd D. Winthrop divided honors for the single exhibits in these classes.  Payne Whitney was also a prominent winner with this imported Jersey cattle.


Patrick Ryan's and Howard Gould's Herds to be at Empire City Park.

  Specimens of the finest cattle in this country will be exhibited at the Greater New York Fair and Exposition, which opens its first annual event at Empire City Park on Saturday, Aug. 2.  A herd of Dexters, consisting of a dozen bulls, cows, and heifers, headed by the imported Tom Thumb, will be entered from Castlegould, Howard Gould's place at Port Washington.  From Ryanogue, the 600-acre home of the prize-winning Ayrshires, will come Patrick Rayan's famous herd, 50 or more number.  It is said that the herd of more than 300 bulls and cows at Ryanogue is not surpassed by any herd of Ayreshires in the world.

Sept 20, 1914

Mineola, L.I., Sept.19--  A number of wealthy residents of Nassau County are to exhibit in the cattle, fruit, and vegable departments of the Queensland-Nassau agricultural fair, which opens here next Monday.  They will compete with the farmers for honors.  Among the exhibitors of cattle will be Payne Whitney, John S. Phipps, Mortimer Schiff, August Belmont, Beekman Winthrop, and C.L. Hudson.  A special exhibit of Mallard ducks will be made by Beekman Winthrop.  Howard gould will show a herd of Dexter cattle, and John S. Phipps a number of Scotch black-faced sheep.  Clarence Mackay will exhibit a herd of Guernsey cattle.

     The number of exhibitors in all departments is a record-breaking one.  The society has offered unusual inducements in the trotting events, and some of the fastest pacers and trotters on the grand circuit are entered in the various classes.

Farm Livestock of Great Britain- 1893- Wallace




Upper left:

This photo was taken from the book,  Farm Livestock of Great Britain, printed 1893, by Wallace.    The cow in the upper photo, ( note the beautiful white udder) is " Rosemary" a celebrated Dexter cow, who was only beaten in the show ring  by the Dexter cow,  "Irisene".

The bull is "Paradox" at the age of 4 years.


Lower Left:

This photo was scanned from the 1931 book Breeds of Livestock in America by Vaughn.

Beneath the photo of this gorgeous Dexter cow is the following:

Brokenhurst Woodbine (2711), Dexter cow owned by Mrs. H.P.May of Essex, England, winner of numberous prizes, including first in milking trials, London Dairy Show, 1929.  Official record, 9,103 pounds milk in 296 days.

Brokenhurst Woodbine
Grinstead Birdie
Prize Winning Dexter
Paradox #18
Red Rose #178
Ickwell Ferdinand
LaMancha Hard to Find
Silene #189
Dexter from Malahide herd owned by Mr. Robertson
Gort Hero 3rd Elmendorf farms

The above photos were sent to me by Shannon Nickols, who is researching heritage cattle breeds, and is currently interested in gathering information and pictures on the Kerry breed.

The caption with the above photo is:

 DEXTER COW.  Photographed from Mr. R. Tait-Robertson, the Hutch, Malahide, County Dublin, Ireland.  This great little cow Mr. Robertson writes is making 22 quarts of milk a day.

The caption with the above photo read: 

GORT HERO 3d. 6[578 R.D.S>]. Sire, Gort Hero 2nd [274 R.D.S.]; Dam Gort Sunbeam 2d. 24 [5285 R.D.S.]. 1st prize two year old Dexter bull at National Dairy Show, 1911.  Owner Elmendorf Farm, Lexington, KY.