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Jams Castle Christmas
Jams Castle Christmas

             DOB - 3-13-2005

UPDATE -   May 2013

Tomorrow is a wonderful bull and stayed very small.  I will update his photo in the next couple of weeks.  He is out on loan right now ( he gets around).

WOW !  I'm so excited about this young bull.  You could see the promise the day he was born, and from my favorite cow, Killarney of Dog Run,by Rainbow Hills Ivanhoe.  Killarney  is very typical in phenotype to early Dexters like those in the renowned Grinstead herd, and the traditional Dexter "look" I seek to produce, so I am very excited to see what "Tomorrow" brings to my herd.  Tomorrow was measured in June of 2007, and he stands 37"  at the shoulder. 



Bracken is a young bull that came to me with some heifers I purchased.   He was scheduled for butchering by his previous owner but I liked his looks and his personality and decided to watch him mature.  I was so sad to discover him to be a PHA carrier.  At the time he was on loan for breeding beef and with full disclosure the owner chose to keep him.  He matured into a magnificent adult bull.   This summer the family where he was staying decided to breed Highland cattle and Bracken came "home".  I intended to sell him to slaughter.  I have not been able to follow through with that option.  He is a beautiful carrier bull and for now I am going to use him with a couple of my females and delay the decision.  I can kill him anytime and PHA does not have to be an immediate death sentence.  Carrier animals will throw non-carriers and you there is always the beef option.  

"Boxcar" as he has always been called, is just a wonder and a delight for a bull.  Boxcar is the herd bull for the Legacy Jams herd, and has traditional  (pure) Dexter genetics. 

Boxcar's first calves arrived in 2006.  The Legacy project to identify and preserve the original American genetics moves forward with several breeders working to preserve the American Dexter cattle Legacy !